Mariner Cottages

Our Mariners Cottage are popular with families.

There is a lovely verandah to sit on and watch the kids play outside.

They include all your self-contained cooking needs.

Linen is included for the double bed and two bunks for these well located value family cabins.


Season Per Night
Peak Season $175
High Season $140
Low Season $120


Peak Season High Season Low Season
    12 July 15 – 17 Sept 15
  18 Sep 15 - 17 Dec 15  
18 Dec 15 - 25 Jan 16 26 Jan 16 - 24 Mar 16  
25 Mar 16 - 27 Mar 16 28 Mar 16 - 5 May 16 6 May 16 - 9 June 16
  10 June 16 - 12 June 16 13 June 16 - 23 June 16
  24 June 16 - 9 July 16  


Extras Per Night
Extra Car $15
Extra Adult $10
Extra Child $5
Storage $5


Prices quoted are for 2 adults or a Family Unit only
No Animals
allowed in Cabins or Cabin Area or Peak Season (excluding last week Jan).

Number of People allowed per site.
A Family Unit of parent/s plus immediate children 16 years or under (and must be shown on the family medicare card) or a maximum of Four Adults.

All Damages and Breakages will be billed to the account holder.

Site Areas to be occupied by:
One Caravan plus annexe, or
A Family tent or 2 small tents and car should fit within your site boundary.
Extra tents are not permitted

A maximum of two cars per site will be allowed (second car will becharged the above fees) on the proviso that two cars will fit within the boundaries of the site. If a second car will not fit it is not allowed in the Park. No parking on roadways.

Tents will NOT BE ALLOWED in the cottage and Cabin areas

NB: Prices quoted are subject to change and include GST