Peak Season amd Emergency Plan

Peak Season Access Policy

Our peak season generally operates from 20th December until Australia Day each year.

Through these periods we open another park area called Shipwreck Bay Holiday Park, allowing us to offer nearly 1100 sites.

Peak Season operates at close to capacity each year so if you are considering these dates please book early to avoid disappointment.

Current summer guests have the ability to complete a Priority Registration Form to secure a site the following summer. Allocation of sites is at the Surfside Holiday park discretion. Deposits and Full Payment Deadlines must be kept to secure your site.


Electrical Safety

The Residential Tenancies (Caravan Parks and Movable Dwellings Registration and Standards) Regulations 2010 are now inforce through Holiday Parks in Victoria.

As part of these new regulations a site audit was completed by CFA and Surfside staff in 2011. This has required the updating of the Surfside Holiday Park Safety Plan. Updated requirements for site capacity and electrical safety have been introduced following assessment of fire risk in our coastal holiday park.


Surfside Emergency Plan

All campers are encouraged to understand the Surfside Holiday Park Emergency Procedures which are displayed in toilet blocks and other public places around the parks.

Should you wish to gain a printed copy of the Emergency Exits and Safety Plan please ask at the Holiday Parks offices.


Points to Note

A number of changes have been made to the rules for use of Surfside Holiday Parks. Please make note of these points:

  • One caravan plus annexe, or a family tent, or two small tents are permitted per site. Extra tents are not permitted.

  • All gazebos and other shade devices are not permitted if they do not fit on your site.  Gazebos and all other shade devices need to be securely tied down with guide ropes within your site.


  • A second car is only permitted on a site if there is sufficient room for it to fit within the confines of the site.  If a second car will not fit it is not allowed in the park. 


  • Cars are not to be parked along the railway reserve and all roadways need to be clear at all times.  If this rule is not adhered to you may risk your car being towed from the park at your expense.


  • One family unit or 4 adults per site is allowed.  A family unit consists of parent/s plus immediate children 16 years or under and be noted on your Medicare Card.


  •   All adults over the age of 17 need to registered and paid for at the office.  A maximum of 4 adults is allowed per site.  Two families are not permitted on one site and four adults are not considered as a family unit.


  • Under park rules all vans and tents must have a fire extinguisher and have a tested and tagged 15 amps rated power lead.  Please note that all leads that are not tested and tagged by an electrician risk having power to their site withdrawn.  


These updates are being implemented in the context of the CFA Caravan Park Safety Guidelines - CLICK HERE to Download these requirements.