What if I want to make changes for next season?

All sites that are cancelled or transferred will be offered to guests that are on the waiting list and have filled in a change to preferential form or a new summer booking form.

What is a Change to preferential form
A preferential booking form is where a customer who has rebooked the same site and the same dates as the year before, wants to make a change in dates or site number for the following season.

What is a new booking form
A new booking form is for anyone who cannot make a booking for the following summer as a preferential and first time campers.

How are these forms processed
When each form is returned to the office they are dated and timed by the office staff and are then put onto a waiting list in order from when they are returned to the office. Please note that the preferential booking forms always have first priority over all new booking forms.
Change to preferential forms cannot be submitted until Boxing Day for the following season. Please be aware that these forms are only valid for one season.

How do customers find out if they are successful or unsuccessful with their request.
Bookings for the following season will open up from 8am on the 14th of February (being Valentines Day) for the following season. All Changes to preferential bookings and new booking forms will have been processed in the days lead- ing up to this date. Customers who have been successful in their request will be emailed or posted out an acceptance letter as well as a new tax invoice with the changes at- tached. Customers who are unsuccessful will also receive an email and will need to contact the office on/after 8am on the 14th of February to make other arrangements for the following summer. All unsuccessful guests will be added to our waiting list.

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