Change to Preferential Booking Form

When do I use the Change to Preferential Booking form

The Change to Preferential Booking form is used after you have already booked your stay at either of the tourist parks for the following season but wish to make a change in any of the following:

  1. arrival date,
  2. departure date,
  3. site/cabin number and
  4. number of days related to your stay

How are these forms processed?

Once we have received all Change to Preferential Booking and New Summer Booking forms and before bookings open up to the public on the 14th of Feb, the forms are separated and processed in submission received date and time order.  The Change to Preferential Booking requests always have first priority over the New Summer Booking requests. Our Tourist Park Services Coordinators  process the request based on availability; our aim is to try and ensure that everyone gets what they have requested.  If the request has been successful then customers will receive notification and a tax invoice via email or post to confirm the change.

Only successful booking requests will be notified. Unsuccessful requests will automatically be added to our waiting list for the summer season that they are applied for only and will be notified throughout the year if successful. Alternatively guests can call the office on or after the 14th February.
All requests need to be a minimum of a weeks booking.
Cabins can only be booked in block weeks from Boxing Day ie. 26-12 - 2/1, 2/1-9/1, 9/1-16/1, 16/1-23/1

Submissions for Preferential and Summer bookings for 2024 will not be accepted prior to 26th December 2023.

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